Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chicago Style….

On Friday, my family and I went to Chicago for my meet at Navy Peer. I had a pretty good meet. Here are the scores I got...
Floor 9.125
Beam: 9.1
Bars: 8.3
Vault: 8.925.
I had a really tough time on bars because I missed my giant every time in the warm up. But fortunately I made it in the competition. I also had trouble on beam. I missed my back hand- back hand every time in the warm up but I got really mad and I guess because I got mad I made it in the competition...


We stayed at the Embassy Suite. It was a good hotel. I recommend it. After the meet we went to the ESPN Zone at midnight to eat. Then, after we ate a delicious meal. We went back to the hotel and went to sleep... The next morning we started packing our things and then went to the Planetarium.


We rode in this sweet cart that took us up inside this dome and the guide showed us the stars and the names of them. We also went to this kind of theatre show. This guy talked and put pictures on the screen. It felt like we were moving with the screen!
Did you know that there is light pollution in the sky? If we turn off all of the lights in the city, the stars would look brighter. But because of all of the lights, we can't see the stars as clear as we want to. Just a little school there...


Before we went into the planetarium my mom wanted to take a picture of us three.
It was actually pretty warm outside! After we were done in the planetarium we went to the car and started our journey home...
We got a little hungry so we stopped at the greatest restaurant in the universe. Cracker Barrel! Sorry to get you hungry... But I had two pancakes and bacon with the old school Root Beer in the old time bottle.


We loved going to Chicago. It was a fun experience. We are definatly going there again...

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  1. Your trip sounds awesome. Sorry the bars weren't working for you that day...but you'll do better next time. Cracker got me hungry. Happy Crafting during the blizzard...can't think of a better thing to do!