Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here it comes…. The lovely, the fantastic, spring break!


As you all know, you get to the point where you just need a little break. Well don’t worry all of those who are worrying, spring is here… For my spring break, my family and I went to Florida to visit my family. We did a ton of things! One of my favorites was fishing. We caught a whole bunch of fish. Jed, my little brother, caught a huge fish.

Spring Break!

I caught a blow fish. It was pretty big. But not as big as Jed’s fish.

Spring Break!  

Then, some unexpected visitors came for a visit… The Trillings… We had a delightful time with the family. We ate at a restaurant called Archies. After the fulfilling meal we went to go swimming in the heated pool… 

Spring Break!

Spring Break!

Sadly, on our last day in Florida paradise, we went to the beach. We collected shells, played in the water and relaxed…

 Spring Break!

The drive home was long but fun. Now we are back at camp. Some rules have been enforced by the heads of the crew… Can you guess? Mom and Dad. We have been eating “Unhealthy.” So now we have to eat healthy. No more junk food in the Oyler household… We are now packing our own lunches and going to bed early. All of this is starting on Monday… I feel we have a long and busy journey ahead of us…

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Tag Swap…


Just a peek at my mom’s tags for the Alice Tag Book Swap she is participating in….


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